Aleesha and Parzival Sattva, co-founders of Whole Body Healing, are skilled practitioners in the healing arts. Because physical, mental, emotional, conscious, sub-conscious, and spiritual aspects of a person are interconnected, Aleesha and Parzival focus on all aspects of health to bring about Whole Body Healing. We don’t focus on the labels of illness — instead we focus on the opportunity to witness a miracle. We don’t look at people as being stuck in their story or their dis-ease — rather we look at this as an opportunity to observe their willingness to heal. We are doing something amazing and we feel very blessed to be living this life path.

Their clients love that they come to Whole Body Healing and have access to both practitioners depending on their needs in that moment. Parzival brings a more left-brained, scientifically-grounded focus (specializing in releasing pain) to the practice whereas Aleesha is much more right-brained with her intuition guiding her way assisting her clients to release out-moded belief systems and emotional trauma — bringing about spiritual growth. Aleesha and Parz are always ready, willing, and open to embrace life experiences: teaching them, guiding them… assisting them to become more deeply connected to their path and each other. Please read this page to learn more about them.

They utilize a variety of techniques and modalities to bring about Whole Body Healing:


BodyTalk is a healing modality created by Dr. John Veltheim. Stress causes disease and this creates a breakdown of communication between various parts of the BodyMind. BodyTalk re-establishes those lines of communication to bring about healing. It also helps things work better. Sometimes we are really good at something (like tennis or golf) and we want to be better. BodyTalk can assist you to be better! Aleesha and Parzival are both Certified BodyTalk Practitioners and have graduated from all the advanced modules (including PaRama).

Aleesha had regular sessions for two years before becoming a practitioner in 2011. She experienced huge spiritual growth with the assistance of her sessions. In the summer of 2012 she had a session with Dr. John Veltheim while taking an advanced BodyTalk course in Brazil. During this session John focused on her extensive food allergies. Ten days later she was able to eat everything on her list of allergens. BodyTalk gifted her a miracle. Curious about this modality?

They are both able to do VMLD (Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage) and you can book a session in-person or via Skype as this is a treatment they can do without you on their treatment table.

If you are a business owner and haven’t had a Matrix session done for your business, seriously consider booking one today. The increased income, communication, and “flow” is worth every penny spent! (A family Matrix session is a beautiful gift of deeper communication for your family unit!).


Reiki is Universal Life Energy. Reiki isn’t just about healing — it’s a spiritual way of walking your path. By channelling this energy, practitioners can promote Whole Body Healing in clients and situations. Aleesha and Parzival are both Reiki Master Teachers and offer Reiki sessions and attunements.

One client that Aleesha remembers fondly is a woman who came to her a few years ago. After the session Aleesha let the woman know that her uterus had needed a lot of attention and the Reiki had gone there to mend and heal. It was then that the woman shared she was going in for her last invetro fertilization. Someone had written a post on a forum about their experience with Reiki and she was desperate to do whatever she could to assist this one last egg to implant. She emailed Aleesha a few weeks later to share the good news. She was growing that babe! Ten months later she was born. This is just one of the many amazing miracles her clients and students have experienced. Please check out our testimonial page for more sharings and this page for more information about Aleesha and Parzival as Reiki Master Teachers.

Alpha Connections

Over the course of this class we learn to access the alpha state with ease. You’ll be creating neural pathways to gain quick access to this state of mind.

We will be creating a Sanctuary and within it, a garden space, work out room, healing room, library, vision board and connecting with your Guides and Animal Guides.

Using your sanctuary on a daily basis will greatly enhance your life, increase your gamma waves and increase the happiness and peace-fullness within you. You will be creating a deeper connection with your subtle senses, growing your intuition and allowing yourself to pose questions and discover the answers. To learn more about this course please read our blog posting.

Tarot Classes

Aleesha taught tarot classes for many years and although she enjoyed it tremendously, she doesn’t want to teach it anymore. So Parz has taken up the mantle and he is offering tarot classes for students to assist them to increase their intuition, understanding of the cards and brings his own unique style of reading into the mix. This class is 8 consecutive weeks.

Whether you’ve never picked up a deck before, or you’ve played with them but want to know them better – this class is for you!


Both Aleesha and Parzival do readings for clients. Parzival’s readings are card-based. He uses a variety of decks together to create a unique and informative experience for you. Aleesha speaks to your Guides.

Over the years clients have come for guidance with career changes, relationship issues, choosing between two opportunities…. Aleesha’s favourite reading is for someone who is looking to grow spiritually with the assistance of their Guides. Parzival’s favourite reading is when someone has a huge epiphany and sees an option they never knew existed. If you are looking for someone to shine some light on your path, they’d love to help.

Second Sunday

Every second Sunday of the month, Aleesha and Parz lead a guided meditation group. We spend time in silent meditation as well but not until the participants feel they are ready. This is a group for beginners (never even tried meditation) right up to advanced meditators. Everyone is welcome. This is a free group and you can come in-person or via Skype. The Skype users are only online for the meditation portion of the evening – the spiritual talk we have afterwards (on whatever topic comes up as a group) is not open for Skype users.


Please contact Aleesha and Parzival via email or call them — 604-563-6182 to set up an appointment. They work with clients in-person (North Burnaby — SFU area – free parking) or by distance (over the phone and via Skype).