Reiki Testimonials

Every Reiki Master Teacher hopes her students will outshine her.
I am privileged in being Aleesha’s Reiki ‘Grandmother’. Aleesha’s mastery of Reiki is unquestionable. I hope she will give me many more Reiki ‘Great-Grandchildren’ who will in turn create more Reiki Master Teachers in the years to come.

Tira Brandon-Evans – Reiki M/T
Aleesha’s Reiki Grand-Mother
British Columbia, Canada

Once in a rare while a Reiki student comes along who is a very special, bright shining light. As a teacher you just know this one will go far, fulfilling every instructor’s dream. When Aleesha came into my life I knew she was a rising star who would be making her mark on the world. She indeed embodies the truest and deepest principles of Reiki; and has far exceeded even my greatest expectations.

Her lineage is certainly impressive, as she is the Reiki daughter, grand-daughter, and great-grand-daughter in a lineage of Shamans, and her Reiki ancestry traces back directly to Phyllis Lee Furumoto; Master Hawayo Takata’s granddaughter.

If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be a student of Aleesha Stephenson, in my opinion you have found one of
the very best Reiki Master/Teachers available in North America.

Sincerely, Magi Frost – Reiki M/T
Aleesha’s Reiki Mother
British Columbia, Canada

I am most fortunate, for on my life’s path I have met someone who will teach me, guide me, love me, (regardless of my perfections and all my imperfections)… She is my Reiki Master Teacher (M/T).

One of the main things she has taught me is to stop rescuing people. By all means help, guide, talk, teach, listen, learn, love and care for them; but do not rescue them. For me this was, and still is, a difficult lesson to learn; to distinguish between helping and rescuing.

To rescue is to take on a person’s karma by ‘handling’ the entire situation for them. Taking over and ‘fixing’ their problem. This is their lesson so they must find their own way out, they must be responsible for themselves. Learning where they are, how they got there, the part they played in creating this situation in their life… is their lesson. We are only brought into their lives to show them a way of repairing, learning, healing, and growing. We are not the controllers of their destiny. Sometimes people gladly hand over their problems to anyone willing to take them on.

Back in my ‘self-thought hero’ days when I was rescuing, I would jump into peoples lives and take over for them… fix it all up, only to end up in a mess myself. And then these people would go off and re-create the same scenario, only with different participants. Ironically, I figured out I was doing the same thing, jumping in and rescuing person after person. This was a lesson I had to learn, as I found myself again and again in a dishevelled heap after another rescue attempt (even though I called it ‘helping’).

To help is to enlighten, as to how they are creating these events in their life so it won’t happen again. How many times have you done the same thing over and over again? So a crucial part of being there for others is to discuss why they have done and re-done this.

Assisting is to shine light and bring clarity to the situation for the person in need (be it yourself or another). This requires the skill of detachment; something else my loving M/T taught me. Stand back and don’t become too emotionally involved in the outcome of other people’s scenarios. It IS their choice after all, their life. Trust in the Universe/God/Goddess all will be as it should… perfect in this moment.

Below I’ve listed some of the many things my M/T taught me:

  • Don’t be a rescuer.
  • A M/T learns from their students while teaching.
  • Be worthy of being trusted by others – live in honesty.
  • Trust in the Universe/God/Goddess.
  • Prosperity is a constant flow, not a one time occurrence.
  • Ignorance is NOT bliss.
  • The Reiki principles are a way of living.
  • Walk your talk daily and teach by example.
  • Someone other than my Mum can love me regardless… and I am loveable!

Seva Kourzis – Reiki M/T
Aleesha’s student: First – Fourth Degrees
Queensland, Australia

The first attunement I received was hands-on from a Master/Teacher here in the Netherlands, so Aleesha wasn’t my first Reiki Master. Then why change to another M/T?

I think it’s important that my Reiki M/T is someone I respect and with whom I want and can have a relationship, because Reiki isn’t just about getting an attunement (or two, three, four). Reiki is a way of life, and this implies your M/T will be someone who shares part of your (spiritual) growth.

With Aleesha I do have this relationship. I am very happy I chose to become one of her students. She is a great teacher, she has and will always assist me in every way possible.

I have received all 4 Reiki attunements (M/T level) and some re-attunements by distance. I can assure you – my experiences of receiving the distant attunements have been even “stronger” than the one I received hands-on.

Thanks Reiki-Mom!
luv ya,

Kaz – Reiki M/T
Aleesha’s student: First – Fourth Degrees
Tzum, Netherlands

I’ve had the privilege of taking all four degrees of Reiki with Aleesha. Becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher with Aleesha has been a journey like no other. Before beginning my journey along the Reiki path, I’d done more than 25 years of spiritual work. With the addition of Reiki, and more importantly, of having Aleesha as my teacher, a whole new world of understanding has opened before my eyes. I can’t say enough about how she has changed my life, but am without words to describe how she has, other than to say her skills must be experienced to be fully appreciated. I feel blessed to have been taught and found worthy of becoming a Master/Teacher by Aleesha.

Parzival Sattva – Reiki Master/Teacher
Aleesha’s student: First – Fourth Degrees
Burnaby, B.C.

Aleesha wants to change the world, so that’s just what she does; she spreads light and healing in all directions. Each of her days are spent living the Reiki principles.

Aleesha has an inner fire, a spark that sets things in motion and makes positive changes happen.

I truly believe Aleesha loves and cares about, each of her students. It’s been years since I was first attuned to Reiki by Aleesha, and she has been there for me to this day.

Aleesha is a rare treasure.

Toria Betson – Reiki Master
Aleesha’s student: First – Third Degrees

Aleesha is a unique and caring teacher. She provides a comfortable learning environment and has a teaching style which made me feel very relaxed and at ease. Her insightful approach to teaching urged me to live and experience ‘outside the box’. This creates a synthesis between the ancient techniques, and learning to listen and be guided by my own intuition.

The Reiki journey allows me to feel such a connection to everything. It is a beautiful learning experience which enables me to approach life in a healthier way; body, mind and spirit. It allows me not only to grow myself, but to help heal others as well. As one who is travelling along a healer’s path, I have to say, I am so happy I have had such a wonderful teacher.

Thank you, Aleesha!

Kelly 2nd Degree Reiki
Aleesha’s student: First and Second Degrees
British Columbia, Canada

My oldest daughter and I are both quite interested in alternative health, healing and all matters spiritual. My daughter found a class for First Degree Reiki at the local recreation centre and we registered for it. Neither of us knew anything about Reiki but were open to learning. At the first class we were warmly welcomed by Aleesha. The class was intimate – four of us – which was very nice. My daughter and I found it to be a phenomenal experience. Aleesha kept us on track. Her classes started and finished on time. It was without doubt the most enlightening and relaxing class I’ve ever taken. Aleesha has a lovely sense of humour and an extensive background in healing. No matter how stressed I was from the days (weeks) events, I always left our little group feeling completely relaxed and at ease. I was enormously sad when the course was over. Aleesha has been very generous in making herself available for questions or comments over the years.

I don’t use Reiki as much as I could and have fallen out of practice with it over the years, but when I received a treatment on the final night from one of my classmates, a chronic aching back was relieved for 10 days or more. Reiki works! Take an attunement – be better for it. Be changed for it!

Tami Ford
Aleesha’s student: 1st and 2nd degree Reiki
B.C. Canada

I am so glad I chose Aleesha as my Reiki teacher. She is a warm, caring supportive teacher. There was no rush or pressure for my Reiki attunements. They were each so unique and simply amazing!! Any questions or concerns I have, she is always there to answer them. I cannot put into words how amazing my Reiki Mom is. 🙂 Thank you Aleesha.

Tina Vanderveen Reiki Master
Aleesha’s student: 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree Reiki
B.C. Canada

Ok first off I want to say thank you so so much for not only sharing your gift with me but for being ever so yielding to the call that is on your life.

Working through the chakras was so powerful most nights, a few nights I think I fell asleep a little to soon, but even then my sleep was so so peaceful.

The most wonderful part was that somewhere along the end of the first week or the beginning of the second it dawned on me that I had never held or touched my own body for any length of time. You know showers are really quick, rub here splash there in then I’m out. But spending twenty minutes with my hands over my womb, on my breast or near my heart was so so powerful.

Through REIKI I learned unconditional love for self. Through that love I’ve become better at loving my husband and children. I’ve been more tender, patient and conscientious of the details that make a difference when relating to others.

I’ve also become more aware of the urgency of really BE- ING and becoming a healer and the desperate need of other women and their families. I’ve been more appreciative of the spirit within and deliberate in my efforts to seek out the divine feminine.

I’m more confident today, more self assured. Spiritually stronger with a keener sense of purpose. THANK YOU FOR THAT GIFT!!!! Yeah all this happened through my 21 days of REIKI.

I’ve also diminished my fear of having an upcoming surgery. Next week I’ll being having my fertility restored . I’m ecstatic and fearless about the procedure and ever welcoming this renewal. Using REIKI all week long to prepare and immediately there after to expedite my recovery and healing. We’ll be trying to conceive soon there after too… I’m 39 and grateful to still be experiencing my moon time.

Still growing, learning and studying. Looking forward to a reattunement of even level 2 in the near future. Working on a new alter in my bedroom, kind of a sacred place for pray and reflection and of course HEALING TOUCH.

You’ve been a gem, jewel, GODDESS!

Blissfully yours,

Aleesha’s student: 1st and 2nd degree Reiki
Nashville, USA

I first met Aleesha when I came upon her website looking for a Reiki treatment. I was taught by someone else, but I wanted to experience having a Reiki treatment by someone other than the person who taught me. I first met Aleesha in September 2009 and had four sessions in four consecutive days, ‘WOW’ I was totally blown away by how I felt during and after my sessions. I couldn’t believe how great I felt plus totally amazed when having the session how fast they went, I couldn’t believe that an hour and a half had passed. It takes a lot for me to relax and chill out, but this was achieved. PURE RELAXATION, PURE BLISS:) I was very much impressed and I booked in for another four sessions in my last week, before I left Canada. I had re-attunements with Aleesha during these two lots of sessions and the visualizations I had during them were “WOW”, I hadn’t had any visualizations when I had my first attunements so I was elated.

Before I even left New Zealand for January 2010, I arranged for another four sessions during the first week of being back in Canada and another four sessions, and again in my last week of being there. I had more re-attunements whilst having these treatments and I was totally blown away with the visualizations, I was a happy camper to say the least. Aleesha is a lovely, friendly person with a great sense of humour and her family is lovely, including her extended family i.e.: cats, dogs and fish 😀

Her extended family (cats and dogs) like to make themselves known and like to be acknowledged, they are the meet and greet ‘representatives’ of the house, a great team 🙂 The kittens are a crack up, they like to enjoy the treatments as well, the kittens like to play up a bit when ‘they’ think things are getting too serious, they like things to be kept light hearted and fun, ‘oh’ and the light grey older cat joins in as well, this one tends to enjoy the treatment with you and sneaks in when Aleesha isn’t looking hehehe :D, You are made to feel like the family, its a great atmosphere.

Thank you my friend, its been a blast, see you next time!

Reiki M/T
Aleesha’s student: Re-attunements
New Zealand

Not feeling very well, I decided to give a Reiki session a try for the first time. Aleesha and Tina (a Reiki Master) worked on me together. I started off in the sauna for 45 minutes and then got onto the massage table for my session. They were very good at making me feel comfortable and relaxed. I’m really glad I decided to give it a try. I’ve been feeling a lot of pain and discomfort, and taking medication for the pain was not an option I wanted to take.

The day of my Reiki session I felt energized for the rest of the day and the next day I was still energized and my pain has subdued! I look forward to my next session and highly recommend it to anyone suffering with pain. This is the best I’ve felt in weeks… it’s nice to finally have some relief, and I credit it all to my Reiki experience. (Jody was attuned to first degree [by Aleesha] shortly after.)

Jody M.
Aleesha’s student: 1st Degree
Harrison Hot Springs, BC, Canada

I’m so grateful for your amazing reading yesterday. It really confirmed what I was getting. I just needed to hear it from another source… and I trust you very much. I am very happy and thankful that you are part of my life and journey you Rock!!

I feel really happy and just enjoying the sun and each moment today. I feel like I have a new attitude or maybe just freedom.

I’m looking at myself differently. I have no expectations and there’s this amazing yet strange ability I have to just enjoy the moment and be thankful it feels like joy and freedom. Yay!

Kelly Starr
Reiki and Tarot Class student
Langley, B.C., Canada

BodyTalk Testimonials

I never expected Aleesha to be doing BodyTalk on my four-week old kitten Darwin. I do not even know what its all about – I have yet to venture into this Cosmic Healing gift.

Just to share, Aleesha wrote in detailed feedback that just blew me away. How can she know so much when she is miles and miles away from us, physically. We even live in complete different time zones. Its a day and night for us with regards to time. She told me more than I thought there is to know with regards to Darwin’s health.

I knew Aleesha is a healer, so I wrote to her, with a broken heart and no expectations, requesting she help our poor Darwin. Never did I know that Aleesha is an amazing healer and more. Darwin has indeed made a turnaround at Death’s Door. He was completely lifeless 2 nights ago with pneumonia (the vet said he was not likely to live) but yesterday morning I felt like I was presented a new kitty. Same body, somewhat same soul but bountiful of energies!!! Less than 12 hours!!!! I told her close to 11pm my time, where Darwin lay lifeless throughout the evening and entire night. At 7am when he woke up, he’s a new kitty. It’s like Christmas morning!!!

Give BodyTalk a try with Aleesha, she will unleash your pains and blossom you into radiant health. That I am very sure of.

My gratitude runs deep to Aleesha.

Aisah Aziz Sutton
BodyTalk sessions via email

I really don’t know where to start and stop with talking about BodyTalk… I started BodyTalk just about a year ago. I had a pain in my side, Aleesha did a session with my on the phone and by the time we were done the pain was gone. It was amazing, I was hooked I have experience so many wonderful moments in my life within BodyTalk, I love how it can take something that is so emotionally charged and melt that emotion away. No more micro managing my emotions. I can feel them and then let them go. Love it…

My husband has been doing body talk for about 10 months now. He had a blood clot in his leg (this was his second one after medical attention the year before and harsh drugs for 8 months) I phoned and we were booked in right away for a BodyTalk session. They really focused on the blood clot and what Charlie’s body wanted. The blood clot was gone the next day and the doctor was shocked they could not find it, as according to the blood work, his count was double and there should definitely be a blood clot. My husband visually watched as the swelling and the pain went away. He has continued his BodyTalk sessions and loves how it improves his life.

As a couple doing BodyTalk together, we have witnesses our relationship getting deeper and stronger. We have had fun watching each other grow into our authentic selves and really love the people we have always been, emerge.

We have also had some amazing session done on our horses, and literally watch the horses body change in front of my eyes as they were having the sessions as animals can’t put any judgement on the session it is so beautiful. How they are able to find peace where there would be fear and pain. My spooky horse has gotten less spooky and my cranky mare is happy again within usually 24 hours of having a session I feel and see the difference in their whole being.

As you can see I have a lot of respect for BodyTalk and the two practitioners that we use (Aleesha and Parz). They really do BodyTalk from their hearts.

I have tried to put my review in as little words as I could. This is definitely short form as there is so much more I could write about it. (I’ve also written other testimonials but wanted to share AGAIN just how much I love BodyTalk!)

Thanks so much to the two Amazing practitioners for being who you are and sharing with the world.

BodyTalk sessions via Skype, in person and email
Rosedale, BC, Canada

Thank you so much Aleesha Sattva for a very powerful session that I know, because I know the power of Bodytalk, it’ll change my life. Ever so grateful!!!!

BodyTalk sessions via phone
Calgary, AB, Canada

I bought my first horse just over a year ago. I found that she tended to be jumpy out on the trails, always looking for something to spook at it seemed and she was very spooky and uptight and was not at all enjoyable to ride. I thought about selling her and a friend suggested I first get BodyTalk on her to see if that could help her. Aleesha started BodyTalk with her and WOW did I find out a lot about my horse!! It helped me understand her much better and my point of view towards her started to become a more compassionate one. Our bond deepened as a result. she really wanted to work on her issues and was enthusiastic to begin.

She tended to be a herdbound horse, always looking to another horse for security. One thing I really wanted was a horse that I could take out alone (w/o other horses) and that was fairly comfortable on the trail. She never wanted to lead, always follow. I honestly didn’t think it would happen this soon (or ever) but, well, I can tell you now, a year after starting our sessions, that she is a horse I can take out alone and I can get her lead. She is not herd bound anymore. Don’t get me wrong, she LOVES her friends but she will willingly go out with me, all the while the other horses calling her. It is like she is a different horse! Just the other day a friend and I were riding and her horse didn’t want to go down a narrow, overgrown trail (my mare hates these trails most of all). I didn’t think I could get her to go first but she did!! I was so proud of her. I feel strongly that BodyTalk helped her overcome her issues.

She was abused in her past and had to fight off a cougar to save her first baby.

She had a lot to overcome!!

BodyTalk is amazing!!!

Lisa Hobbs
BodyTalk sessions via email
Rosedale, BC, Canada

So blessed to have Whole Body Healing in my life. Woke for yet another day feeling crappy and tired and run down and Aleesha helped my body work her magic. And feeling 100% better. Got some energy back. If you haven’t tried Body Talk I highly recommend it. I was down for the count this morning and now I’m feeling amazing thank you thank you for helping my body do what it needs to do in such an amazing way!!!

BodyTalk sessions via Skype
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Thank you Parz for the amazing session last Thursday. It usually takes a week after the healing to fully feel the effects. Each time I have a healing with you I feel like a new and improved me.

I feel blessed to have found both you and Aleesha. I love the healings with you whether it’s via email Skype or in person it’s top notch every time. Of course I love that Shanti (kitten) joins in on the healing too.

I am grateful to you both
With love…

BodyTalk sessions
Vancouver, BC, Canada

LOVED my distance session with you both. It was very cool to have the male/female energy and perspective in one session!

Laura Dawn Wishart
BodyTalk session via phone
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Hey Aleesha, it was an honour to have you do a BodyTalk session on me! I have been feeling incredible and enjoying learning something new every day! I have had a complete mind-body connection that I have NEVER had before. And am starting to learn to love myself as a whole, which I have never felt before! That is a gift I will treasure!

I look forward to our next session! Have an awesome day!

Candace Tropeau
BodyTalk sessions
Chilliwack, BC, Canada

I had a BodyTalk session with Parz and thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn’t know what to expect as I knew nothing about BodyTalk. It was wonderful and enlightening. I felt much more aware and connected after having my session.

Later that night I was watching Oprah and she said one little word and… I had a vision — a lightbulb went off and the message I didn’t even know I was looking for was there. I don’t believe I would have been as clear without the session I had earlier that day.

BodyTalk gave me insight into what our bodies are truly capable of. I am in awe of our bodies and so thankful there is someone in this world like Parz, who is able to assist my body to better communicate within itself.

Thanks and I look forward to another BodyTalk session in the near future.

BodyTalk sessions
Rosedale, BC, Canada

It is my distinct pleasure to convey the unexpected insights, and physical “lightness”, I experienced through Body Talk with Parzival Sattva. The most striking being a profound awareness, re-acquaintance, of an energy dynamic long forgotten within my body. Pivotally, through this awareness, a recognition/remembrance — an empowerment, if you will — that I am the co-creator of my reality.

Parzival, clearly, holds the highest vision of health and well-being, on all levels, for those with whom he engages — in equality and with a desire for the highest outcome in healing.

Skype BodyTalk sessions
London, England

This modality is amazing!!! And Aleesha and Parz are just as amazing!!!

I have had both Skype and in person sessions with the both of them. They have assisted and guided me back to me. I now have my well-being again. I highly recommend both of these practitioners. Both are calm, relaxed and confident and really know their BodyTalk. Am looking forward to my next session already. Awesome!

Skype and in person BodyTalk sessions
Brisbane, Australia

It is a privilege to work with Aleesha and Parz while they have been and continue to expand their skills in Body Talk.

I don’t know how it works, exactly, nor am I able to tell my friends after a session, what happened, exactly, but the results are profoundly life-changing. I love how more of me is becoming available to the world; the me that I always knew was in here, but could not seem to access. My life is opening up in so many ways and it’s just beginning. How exciting is that?

I am deeply grateful to have met such understanding, compassionate, and passionate beings as Aleesha and Parz and intend to continue to work with them utilizing this incredible modality, Body Talk.

Joanne Newton
In person sessions
North Vancouver, BC

I’ve been having regular BodyTalk sessions with Parz and Aleesha. I contacted them because I knew I had a blot clot in my leg. I had others in the past and knew what it felt like to have one.

I went to my doctor and he did bloodwork to check for a clot. I called and booked an appointment for later that same day with Parz. The next day I went to see my doctor for the results of the test. It showed that I had another blot clot.

The doctor sent me for an ultrasound to check the size of the clot. They couldn’t find one!

I love having proof that BodyTalk works. Not only do I feel better after a session but my results prove just how real this modality is.

Skype BodyTalk sessions
BC, Canada

Thank you so much for my session today. 3 weeks can’t come fast enough for me as I am so ready to move forward in my life and find my happiness, to truly live life.

I have been excited and doing many little happy dances all over the place today (since our session this morning). Still not free enough to do it front of anyone but that to will come.

Thank you again I feel so wonderful and blessed that you have come into my life and helping me in my healing journey! 🙂 I’m still on cloud9!

In-person BodyTalk sessions
BC, Canada

Aleesha and Parzival are two very intuitive souls. Both are gifted healers who really walk their talk when it comes to healthy being. I have made use of their Body Talk services for my young son who has autism. I was initially interested in Body Talk because my son responded so well to the daily cortices practices I learned online. I then contacted Aleesha: during my first session with Aleesha I gained a clearer understanding of my son who was non-verbal at the time — this was a huge asset and major gift. She surprised me when she knew the strange name of the stuffed animal that he carried around for comfort, “dancin’ in the air”.

Parzival dazzled me during one session, by knowing that my son had fallen and hurt his knees: he knew which knee my son had hurt the most — and even that the other knee had been injured. I did not know about the second knee being hurt until bruising appeared the next day. The overall effects after multiple sessions with Parzival, were that my son experienced increased speech, cognitive clarity, increased understanding of verbal instructions and improved sensory functioning: all very major things to a person on the spectrum. His sessions also helped with nutrition and several behavioural problems that my son experienced along the way.

All sessions were done long-distance with detailed and caring reports e-mailed to me after each session. Parzival also did a session on myself with results that both surprised me, and resonated deeply with me. Many thanks to this lovely couple who cast an aura of health, healing, wisdom, and positivity wherever they go.

Many thanks Parzival and Aleesha for providing this service for us!

Amanda and Landon:-)
Email and Skype BodyTalk sessions
BC, Canada

I’m just sitting here at home after my session with Aleesha today… thinking about how in just 3 months so many wonderful things have changed in my whole being!

I was a closed off little sunflower. I could never get my petals to open up until the day I met Aleesha and I had my very first session with her. Soon after things changed for me and I am finally at full bloom ready to sprout another flower out of me and keep growing and blossoming!!

It feels so wonderful to finally feel alive… happy… content… and free from being controlled by others.

I’ve made some wild and crazy choices in theses last 3 months. Exploring an inner child that was never aloud to explore while growing up. During this time, I was on my new horse and as a little child you don’t really think what could go wrong while riding a horse without a bridle or saddle and 2 flags in my hands. My horse was very nervous to have the flags around him. Yet that inner child of mine got on and pushed him too far and he couldn’t take my insaneness so he bucked me off. It hurt, but I will forever love him for doing what he did. If that didn’t happen I would have never asked for help (which is what my BodyTalk sessions were working on assisting me to do). I have always pushed myself too hard too fast and always did everything for everyone and never did anything for myself. This forced me to slow down and take care of me.

I can finally see myself blossoming into what I thought I could never be. My relationship with my hubby has gotten stronger. I watch my kids and I enjoy them so much more. My relationship with my horses has gotten so much stronger and I am learning to trust my inner knowing!

Pretty cool and amazing how I feel today. I can’t thank Aleesha enough for helping me on so many levels. I look forward to my session in 3 weeks and many more to come. Keep up the good work girl. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be the sunflower I am today!!! 🙂

Irene Attema
In-person BodyTalk sessions
BC, Canada

Alpha Connections Testimonials

Here are some of the comments made by graduates of this class:

“Aleesha’s a good listener and her belief comes across with grace. Authenticity makes this class comfortable.”

“I was searching for direction in many areas. I have met my guides and literally have answers to questions I have been asking for years.”

“I really enjoyed the imagery and the time taken to create a beautiful space in and around my inner sanctuary.”

“The consistent (in-class) practice helped a lot. This course is also self driven, you get out of it what you put into it. If you practice to establish the Alpha connection brain mapping the better you will be. The relationship between both the instructor and student was and should be in unison. I suggest a student to come with an open mindset to heal, seek and let go.”

“Learning how Alpha and Beta works within! Understanding Alpha , that was very interesting.”

“I found the repetitive of the class to be really helpful. Going through the process to get in to Alpha over and over again was so helpful. Thanks for doing that Aleesha.”

“I love that you (Aleesha) are available for help anytime – in and outside of class.”

Recently I completed the Alpha Connections class with Aleesha Sattva.

With all my years of experience with meditating, tarot reading as well as being a Reiki Master Teacher, I was never able to achieve the deep states of meditation that I was able to achieve with this course. Another wonderful gift from this class is that I am now able to use this state in my everyday life. This, goes beyond my most hoped for accomplishments.

I love being in my Alpha state!!!!! I love using my Alpha state each and every day! I love this course and have happily recommended it to all my friends.

Aleesha has been and is a very professional, patient and an excellent teacher, who guided me through every step of the way.

My most heart felt thanks go to you Aleesha for creating this course in such a skillful and flowing way that helped me feel relaxed and confident from the start and assisted me to achieve such a dramatic shift in my abilities.

Seva Kourzis
Brisbane, Australia (Skype Student)

The training itself could only improve overall focus, institution, confidence, etc. This course opens up dreams that had been lost and the potential to go deeper in ones relationship with God. Creating a safe place that is beautiful and full of endless peace.

I’ve done amazing BodyTalk sessions since this class. Very productive and my confidence has improved. I look forward to accepting my abilities as they surface and going with it.

Thank you!
with Love and Wellness

LaShonda Brown – BodyTalk Practitioner
East Coast, USA (Skype Student)


I just wanted to write a note to tell you how grateful I am to have you in my life. You have given me such gifts. The tools you offered in Alpha Connections are wonderful and give me such opportunity for exploration. As you said, the possibilities are endless. I continue to go there daily. I have not been able to stay in Alpha all day long and really live the external world from that space yet, but I am learning the lessons I need to right now in the silence of my Healing Space – to LISTEN.

My horse, Mr Ed is showing me how often I am distracted from the inner voice of my heart (as my animals) and how much time I spend listening to the thoughts of my limited self. I am often planning for the future and I am exploring now how to stay present to what shows up in the moment. There is no fear of what will appear like I had in Mindscape the first time (control issues at the time), but there is something there keeping me planning for the next day or the next moment… Living from the present seems like a worthy goal with opportunity for love… I’ll keep practicing and playing without judgment with these new tools.

I really enjoyed your energy, kindness, patience and leadership.

Katherine – BodyTalk Practitioner
Cincinnati, USA (Skype Student)

Tarot Testimonials

Parzival, thank You for coming to the festival! I heard great things from the people who had their cards read. I really appreciated your flexibility and calm energy during the hecticness of the setting up. I’d love to have you back next year for the annual Strawberry Festival, which will be the fourth Saturday in June.

Parz has worked this festival; 2010, 2011, 2012

West End Senior’s Network
British Columbia, Canada

What can I say?????!!!!!!!!!! Parzival, it was great fun listening, learning and resolving to say the least……you remained very objective…&#133and did see and say what the cards brought to you&#133and me……the cards spoke forth through the chance of choosing based on trust…&#133and helped me to bring in the language to speak what was on my mind&#133and it all met together in the story of it all………I feel Great…just like tony the tiger……how about that???!!!!!!!…off to play even in the rain there are rainbows……

You are WoNdErFuL!!!!!!! Thank you.

British Columbia, Canada

An impromptu meeting brought me to Parzival and his Tarot Cards. I have seen fortune tellers of all kinds over many years and I have to say what an amazing experience he gave me. The best yet! It was a full reading involving all aspects of my life. It was thorough and very helpful as far as the direction of my life is concerned… he lost himself in the telling of the cards, not waiting for any feedback, just telling my story as it is and as it appears in the future. What an engaging individual and an inspiring story teller! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to my friends and colleagues.

British Columbia, Canada

Parzival, your reading was enchanting and insightful. You reminded me of a wise old sage channeling much needed guidance throughout my card reading journey. There is no way to give true words to the experience because the experience alone can experience the nature of your abilities. I felt as if I was at home in a sacred sanctuary receiving my life cards for what I have in abundance in my life and what my challenges are. I am now able to see more clearly the path which is laid before me. I am so very grateful for your card reading and will return many more times.

British Columbia, Canada

I’m so grateful for your amazing reading yesterday. It really confirmed what I was getting. I just needed to hear it from another source… and I trust you very much. I am very happy and thankful that you are part of my life and journey you Rock!!

I feel really happy and just enjoying the sun and each moment today. I feel like I have a new attitude or maybe just freedom.

I’m looking at myself differently. I have no expectations and there’s this amazing yet strange ability I have to just enjoy the moment and be thankful it feels like joy and freedom. Yay!

Kelly Starr
Reiki and Tarot Class student
Langley, B.C., Canada

When I met Aleesha, I knew she would be the teacher for me. Her amazing tarot classes taught me to open and trust my intuition. Her confident guidance and vibrant spirit make each class a unique learning experience.

Grateful for your teachings Aleesha

Aleesha’s student: Tarot and Meditation Classes
British Columbia, Canada