Parz and Aleesha’s greatest adventure has been into the world of BodyTalk. They have taken BodyTalk Access and BodyTalk Fundamentals as well as all the advanced courses and are currently working with PaRama. They became Certified BodyTalk Practitioners in January 2012.

PaRama is an advanced version of BodyTalk. The more advanced formulas of PaRama BodyTalk are used for serious illnesses; stubborn chronic illnesses; complex emotional issues; etc.

PaRama BodyTalk is also commonly utilised to help facilitate personal and spiritual growth, sports performance and rehabilitation.

BodyTalk works like most other health care systems. The treatment session is given during the appointment and the body then responds progressively with each appointment.

In PaRama BodyTalk, most sessions are formulated at the time of the appointment and then set to run at different times of the day or night, usually for several days.

Many illnesses are stubborn to address because of the habit patterns of the body and the complexity of what needs to be done. Setting up a formula which repeats itself constantly pushes the body into rapid change. In a way it is like taking medication several times a day for several days. The difference is that the PaRama formula is setting conditions up for the body to repair itself — the fundamental principle of BodyTalk.

These formulas are run by the most sophisticated computer in the brain — the prefrontal cortex. The average person has an overworked brain because of all the stresses of illness, work, the environment, etc. Hence, the main formula is usually run at night while the client is asleep and resting from all those activities. This is when the brain’s maximum computing power is available.

BodyTalk is a consciousness-based health care system. When you fall and scrape your knee you don’t have to tell your body how to heal itself. As life challenges, stressors, emotional upset are a normal part of life for us all, our bodies lose the ability to communicate within itself and heal itself.

Based on Quantum Physics we (as your practitioner) sit and witness the changes your body wants to make. We assist your body to communicate on a deeper level and assist it to create change. Whether you need to heal from a lifetime of dysfunction or a particular disease – BodyTalk can assist your body to heal, releasing old-outmoded belief systems, emotional trauma and imbalances. Most people can’t explain how BodyTalk works after they’ve had a session – they simply feel better, more connected to themselves and more at peace. Bringing a deeper state of bliss to your life is one of the many benefits of regular BodyTalk sessions.

Some (but not all) of the dis-eases that BodyTalk can assist with are:

  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Releasing/reducing the emotional charge from memories
  • Increased joy/bliss/peace-of-mind
  • Snoring and sleep apnea
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Herpes
  • Jetlag
  • Allergies
  • Assisting with weight release/increase
  • Improving sensory function (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste)
  • Dissolving cancer tumours
  • Dissolving blood clots
  • Chronic Pain
  • Increasing movement in joints
  • Skin conditions
  • Lyme Disease
  • Parkinsons Disease
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Pneumonia
  • Sports and work-related injuries
  • Improving sports performance (skateboarding, snowboarding, basketball etc.)
  • Improving business (increasing income, better communication with employees and customers etc.)
  • Improving family relations
  • Assisting pregnancy and adoption (through creating a space within the family matrix to welcome a baby.)
  • Assisting fasting and diet/lifestyle changes
  • Clearing past-life karma
  • Clearing/removing “Curses”, “spells”, unwanted energies

And so much more…

…the courses they’ve taken

Here is a complete list of our BodyTalk courses:

  • BodyTalk Access
  • Fundamentals
  • CBP exam (Certified BodyTalk Practitioner)
  • Principles of Consciousness
  • Bio-Dynamics
  • Fascial Balancing 1
  • Orthopaedic Evaluation
  • Lymphatic Drainage and Applied A&P; (VMLD)
  • Microcosmic BodyMind
  • Matrix Dynamics
  • BodyTalk Advanced Integration
  • Eastern Medicine
  • BioPhysical Mind
  • BodyEcology
  • PaRama 1 Practical
  • BreakThrough 1
  • MindScape
  • Advanced MindScape

To better understand BodyTalk please visit our blog and in particular this posting and this one explains the different levels of BodyTalk. John Veltheim (founder of BodyTalk) shares about whether or not BodyTalk can assist with paralysis.

BodyTalk (and Whole Body Healing) does not diagnose and should not be used as a substitute for common sense. If in doubt, consult your doctor.


I am a Reiki Master Teacher. This means I’ve gone through the traditional 4 levels of Reiki, studying it’s principles and using the energy in different and unique ways. I’ve been blessed with having this wonderful healing tool in my life since 1989. I’ve discovered there are higher levels of Reiki and I’ve been blessed with the attunements (to these higher levels of Reiki). This is a journey into Self which I never knew existed and it’s an honour to be experiencing this level of enlightenment. These higher levels are brought to me by The Goddess, Dr. Usui and my Ancestor Guides. They began coming through the re-attunements I was being given by my student Seva (who is a Reiki Master Teacher) and then they began coming simply whenever they (Guides etc.) felt I was ready for the next level. I was told which level I was being attuned to and what it’s purpose is. I’ve been told that we cannot choose to receive them, they are chosen for us.

After being attuned to all 21 degrees — I was attuned to the Light of Awen. So now my Reiki carries this vibration as well. What does this mean for my students? Well, all I know for certain is that my Reiki feels stronger, more pure and higher than before. I find the energy works more efficiently through me. It’s an honour to be attuned to these energies. *bows head in deepest respect*

When I first discovered Reiki shortly after my daughter lived through spinal meningitis in March of 1989, I was spent; emotionally, physically and spiritually. Empty.

At a mini psychic fair outside a spiritual church I was asking a bookstore owner if he knew of a book which could assist me in… well, I didn’t know what. But I knew I needed something. He asked me to sit down and let him channel 5 minutes of Reiki into my crown chakra (head).

I couldn’t believe what I was feeling! This tingling, warm loving sensation was moving down my head, into my shoulders and into my heart. When he took his hands away the first words out of my mouth was “How can I do that?” I immediately signed up for an upcoming class.

Since that day my life has changed dramatically. I found myself spiritually. I experience greater joy and happiness as well. Reiki has changed every aspect of who I am and how I am.

Before Reiki I was vague, confused… a caretaker and very unsure of my esteem and worth. I never said what I meant in fear of alienating someone, so I just agreed with everyone all the time. I was never ‘one’ person. Rather I was different with everyone I was with depending on what ‘role’ I played, what ‘person’ I was with them. I never wanted my friends to get together because I never knew who to be!

Reiki grounded me. It gave me a centre. Somewhere to begin, somewhere to plant myself and to grow from. It wasn’t a miracle pill for change but it was a catalyst and opportunity. It brought things into my life, I believe, I never would have been open to before. ‘Life’ was flowing through me for the first time.

I began making changes in my life. Living the “Principles of Reiki” and as I lived these principles one moment at a time, I found myself changing into a person who I really liked and could actually respect!

What is Reiki? Well, “Rei” is Universal Life Energy, and “Ki” is Chi. Dr. Usui rediscovered the sacred sanskrit symbols in the 1890s. In the 1900s he attuned Dr. Hayashi and then in 1939 he attuned Master Hawayo Takata. She attuned 22 masters. I am under the lineage of Phyllis Lee Fukumoto — Master Takata’s granddaughter.

Becoming attuned (whether hands on or by distance) to this energy means your chakras recognize the vibration of Reiki and you can channel the energy with a mere thought or intention. There is no need to ‘get focused’ etc. Your conscious or sub-conscious mind only needs to have the desire to channel and VOILA you are!

I’m hoping to assist each one of my students to feel the gentle loving touch of Reiki. It may change your life today, or it may just plant a seed for another day… As my mother always says, “Plant your shade trees, you never know when you’ll need them!”

I discovered Reiki in the spring of 2011 and it has literally, figuratively, and in all other ways, profoundly changed my life.

Actually, it’s more like it found me.

Up to the point of Reiki entering my life, I’d spent years thinking and reading about the world: who we are as people, nature and the natural world, the nature of the Divine and divinity, and more or less whatever flitted into my observational space. I thought and I read, studied and researched, but for the most part the world and everything in it was, effectively, a hands-off place. There might as well have been a giant sign hanging from wherever I looked that said “LOOK BUT DON’T TOUCH!!!”

Reiki came in the form of a wonderful woman, Aleesha, who showed remarkable good sense when she agreed to marry me (and I showed wonderfully good sense in asking!) As we explored our budding relationship in the early beginnings of she and me becoming “us” and “we”, she told me about Reiki, her experiences with it, and how it had changed her life. I nodded politely and tried to understand what she was telling me, but I just didn’t grasp what she was saying.

That all changed in the blink of an eye. While I was driving.

I was driving my younger son home from an overnight school event about an hour north of us. I didn’t know what I had at the time (turns out it was strep throat), but I felt simply awful. I hadn’t slept well, was feverish and exhausted, and was doing my best to be strong for my son who was also exhausted. I packed us into the car and set out for home. Everything was going well, up to the point where my mind wandered off and I fell asleep despite myself. There was no one on the highway around us as the car sideswiped the median in the centre of the highway then crossed two lanes of traffic before I got control of the car and managed to get us onto the median on the side of the road. The car was drivable-ish, so I got us home and began to count my lucky stars.

And what lucky stars they were: no one on the road around us; the timing of the crash was as perfectly designed to minimize damage as anything that could have happened — crashing milliseconds earlier would have put us headfirst into the centre median and milliseconds later we would have missed the centre median entirely and slammed into the wall separating the road from the sheer rocky cliff face leading down to the ocean at least 20 meters below; neither my son nor I suffered any physical damage of any note (I think I twisted my thumb a little); and remarkably, neither of us has been negatively impacted psychologically from the crash. This in itself is amazing since my son is normally someone who will think and rethink an incident over and over again. He never even batted an eyelash about this accident. There was no emotional scarring from the accident at all!

But my “lucky stars” weren’t simply lucky stars. Aleesha, upon hearing about the accident, immediately sent Reiki to the time and scene of the accident, (sending healing energy to a time before her “present” and helping to ensure everything and everyone was ok).

The crash was, in a very real sense, my opportunity to experience the power of Reiki. It opened my eyes to the possibilities and power of her gift.

Reiki is Universal Life Energy. It is Love; energy that is a catalyst for support, change, inspiration, and communication. It is fertility and brings to life that which is planted in it. And so it is that I’ve progressed from receiving my First Degree attunement shortly after the wake-up call of the auto accident, to where I am now as a Fourth Degree practitioner, also known as a Reiki Master Teacher. I continue to learn and grow with it. And with the help of it.

Alpha Connections

Over the course of this class we learn how to access the alpha state with ease. Youll create the neural pathways to gain quick access to this state of mind.

When we are in alpha we are calmer, more at ease, and in the “now”. Deeper healing happens when we are in this state (rather than beta). Being in the alpha state assists us to live our life to our fullest potential.

We create an inner sanctuary and within it, a garden space, work out area, healing room, library (where we have access to all knowledge), and vision board. Through this modality you will have a deeper connection with your Guides and Animal Guides – being able to communicate with them with ease.

Using your sanctuary on a daily basis will greatly enhance your life, increase your gamma waves and increase the happiness and peace-fullness within you. You will also be creating a deeper connection with your subtle senses, growing your intuition and allowing yourself to pose questions (i.e. How can I best overcome this obstacle in my relationship? How can I heal this dysfunction?) and discover the answers.

Aleesha has been teaching this technique for many years to students. This is the first time she’s put it into a class format. To learn more about this course please read our blog posting.

Zentangle ®

Zentangle ® is a meditative art form where you draw one stroke at a time and focus only on that stroke. The Zentangle ® method allows your mind to clear and for the image you are creating on the page to manifest. Usually the outcome of art is the first step to creating it — with Zentangle ® you release the outcome. If you want to learn more about this art form please visit


Aleesha began reading tarot cards for clients 25 years ago. She started with the Morgan Greer deck and moved on to the Voyager Deck shortly after. She’s still using the Voyager more often than naught but she has over 20 decks to choose from when doing a reading so you never know what deck will come to share with a client on any given day.

Aleesha’s readings begin quietly as she connects with your Guides. She sits with her eyes closed and relays all the information your Guides share as they share it. When they are done sharing she pulls out the cards and asks them if they want to share anything. Most times they do and usually it’s just confirming what your Guides have already shared but sometimes they give a little more detail as to what it is your Guides were speaking about.

Parzival self-taught himself how to read Tarot cards in the early 2000s. His first deck was the Universal Waite deck, a Rider-Waite derivative. He then studied the Thoth deck and gained a deeper understanding of the system that underlay the cards. Currently he uses a mix of decks: more traditional Tarot, less traditional Archetypal, and unique decks, depending on the client and the issues at hand.

When preparing for a reading, he peruses his library of decks, asking which ones would like to speak. He views the reading as a conversation – the cards are there to be another voice. When drawn, they are placed into patterns that the cards themselves call for; Parz doesn’t use set layouts. When the pattern is complete, he interprets the mosaic laid out before him. As the conversation continues, additional cards are pulled and interpreted as needed.

Both Parz and Aleesha do readings for clients in person, via Skype or over the phone.

Past Life Regression is another service they offer for their clients and students. During a reading, if a soul retrieval is required, Aleesha provides it. If the clients need to learn how to ground themselves, learn to meditate etc., they teach them the basics. Assisting people with their paths and teaching enlightenment is Aleesha’s path. Assisting people to remove obstacles and blockages is Parzival’s path. Together they shine!

Tarot Classes

Because of the many requests they have for tarot classes, they teach private classes in their home in North Burnaby. Parz is currently teaching all of the tarot classes, if you would like to learn and perhaps have a few friends who would also like to learn you can contact Aleesha and she’ll create a class for you. Otherwise, classes are held on a regular basis (contact Aleesha for details).

Each class set is once a week for 8 weeks.

Aleesha’s daughter said (years ago) “My mom likes to teach people to fish, rather than just giving them a fish.” Aleesha and Parzival prefer to teach people how to do as many of the services they provide as they can, so their clients/students can heal themselves and heal others. Private and group lessons are available. They only teach small groups to create an intimate environment for growth and sharing, please email them if this interests you.

For further reading and study…

Aleesha recommends many of her students read this book by Tira Brandon-Evans. It’s a great way to get started for the spiritually enlightened beginner, even if you’re non-Shamanic.

It teaches deep grounding exercises, aids with visualization, assists you in learning to trust your intuition, and so much more. By far one of the most superior books Aleesha’s ever read on Shamanism. At $9.00 a copy it’s a huge bargain packed with truly invaluable information.

Please visit Elder Grove Press today and purchase “The Green and Burning Tree: A Faery Shaman’s Handbook”.

Are you located elsewhere?

Hands-on treatments are one way to receive healing. Aleesha and Parzival also do a lot of distant sessions and distant attunements. There is no time or space. This may be a new concept for you but what it means is that everything is happening at the same time — even though we view time as a linear experience. So you can receive a session or attunement that they’ve sent you, anywhere or anytime you choose. (ie: They can send the session from their treatment room in Burnaby to a client in Australia. That client can take the session when they are ready to accept it rather than the moment that it was sent.) Aleesha has been sending distant sessions and attunements to her clients and students for years now. Many of her students prefer distant attunements to hands-on ones. Kaz is one example (read her testimonial). They also offer BodyTalk sessions in their home, in person, via Skype or over the phone.

Reiki Principles

Just for today
     do not worry.
Just for today
     do not anger.
Honour your parents, teachers
     and elders.
Earn your living honestly.
Show gratitude
     to every living thing.
               – Dr. Mikao Usui